Airbnb and Fulgura meet the small French villages

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A national initiative to support small businesses

This year, Airbnb launched the “My Neighbourhood” operation: a national initiative to promote the favourite local shops of French guests to the 16 million annual travellers who visit France with Airbnb. In search of authentic and inclusive travel, Airbnb users consume in neighbourhood shops, grocery stores, bakeries, restaurants and thus participate in the economic development of all territories.

The fact that there are a lot of tourists in Provins allows my bookseller to operate, and Airbnb participates in it! The idea is to get closer to others to share a part of our history

Maxime, bookseller in Provins

Thanks to our experience in the Travel and Tourism sectors (see our films for the Paris Tourist Office, the Greater Paris and the Saint-Ouen Flea Market), we were asked by Airbnb to make 3 films, in three different cities: Pontevès in the Var, Provins in Seine-et-Marne and Massy in Essonne). It was a question of staging each time, in a very short format intended for social networks, the relationship between an Airbnb host and a local shopkeeper (grocer, bookseller, locksmith, etc….).

Film performance

  • 10 million impressions
  • 6.7 million people reached
  • 2.6 million views
  • +20K clicks
Translate the authenticity of these villages and their inhabitants into short films

The locality fascinates and attracts more and more tourists. Which is not to displease Michel, Charlotte, Jean-Phi, Maxime, Alina or Mr. Man, quite the contrary. When we ask our hosts to talk about their village and their activity, they don’t have to be asked. They like to welcome people (including a film crew like ours), know all their neighbours and enjoy sharing stories about their neighbourhood and its history.

I run a family grocery store in Pontevès. Charlotte, a guest in the village, systematically invites travellers passing through to visit us. We get to know each other, they have a cup of coffee, discover our local products and – at the same time – our habits

Michel, grocer in Pontevès

We have had the chance to make some significant encounters and we look forward to going back on the roads of France to discover its most beautiful regions.

Author: Vladimir Bodiroga